Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are step-children eligible for this scholarship or loan?

A: Yes, step-children are eligible, if they are listed in DEERS.

Q: Are grandchildren eligible for this scholarship or loan?

A: Generally, grandchildren are not eligible. However, if a grandparent is the legal guardian of an applicant, and the child is listed in DEERS, they are eligible.

Q: I was a NMCRS Scholar last year, do I need to reapply for the 2023-2024 academic year?

A: Yes, you must reapply each year. Please note, the application process is new and improved this year.

Q: My parent/spouse is a Navy or Marine Corps veteran, but is not active-duty or retired. Can I apply for this scholarship or loan?

A: At this time, our Education Assistance is applicable for active duty, retired, or qualifying deceased Marine Corps or Navy dependents only.

Q: What determines a qualifying deceased parent?

A: The child of a sponsor who passed away while on active-duty or after retirement is eligible to apply. The applicant will submit a copy of DD1300 Report of Casualty & a copy of Death Certificate in their application.

Q: I am an active-duty Sailor or Marine attending college in my free time. Can I apply for a scholarship or loan?

A: At this time, active-duty service members are eligible for interest-free loans only if they have been accepted to the MECEP or MECP programs.

Q: If I accept a loan, when does repayment begin?

A: Repayment for NMCRS Education Loans do NOT have deferred payment after graduation. NMCRS loans repayment with begin September 2023. The loan will be tied to the sponsoring service member’s pay.

Q: What if I change the college I plan to attend from what I indicated on my application?

A: If you are selected for a NMCRS scholarship and you decide to attend a college that is different from your application, reach out to Please note, your application will be reviewed and the award may differ.

Q: What if I transfer colleges between semesters?

A: If you transfer colleges between the fall and spring semester, please contact so we can contact the school for a refund and reissue checks to your new school.

Q: How are the scholarships and amounts chosen?

A: We are needs-based scholarship program. We will compare your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) with your tuition and out of pocket costs in a rubric to determine awards. Merit-based determining factors, like GPA, will not be factored as long as the minimum requirement is met.